Dawn Frink

My husband Jim and I were married in 1986 and have three children all of whom have been homeschooled throughout their primary and secondary education. Our oldest graduated from college and is in full time ministry with Cru, our middle completed her undergraduate education in 2017 and is pursuing a graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology, and our youngest is attending college at Gardner-Webb University. It' been a very rewarding 2 decades!

I received a Master's Degree in Social Work with a specialization in families and children from UNC Chapel Hill in 1993 and have found that body of knowledge and experience beneficial in my personal life as well as when working with other families and the variety of dynamics they present. 

I have been administering the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement and providing support, guidance, and encouragement to homeschool families since 2009. For students, my first goal is to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment in which they can demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses recognizing that both are valuable for growth. For parents, I strive to interpret the results of the test in a way that provides meaningful and practical information for planning the next phase of their student's academic journey. For both, I seek to maximize the time spent by casting a vision of possibility and success. 

I began tutoring in 2005 because I was asked to but continued because I find joy and contentment in using the gifts that I believe God has given me to inspire and encourage students and moms. While navigating your child's education is a challenging call, the rewards are great. My goal is to support families in their educational journey whether through public, private or home schooling by providing one on one instruction for students as well as parents. I'm a hands-on learner, so it's only natural that I'm a hands-on teacher! Trained through the Augustine Literacy Project as well as Diane Craft's struggling learner resources, I share techniques for learning with students and techniques for teaching with homeschooling moms. 


Victoria Cooley

has homeschooled for 16 years and graduated all three of her children into college while directing a very large homeschool support group.  Her work at a homeschool book store, The Homeschool Gathering Place, keeps her current on all the new curriculum trends. She is knowledgeable about all styles of homeschooling, different types of curriculum and loves to help parents develop their own personal educational plan for their children.  She is available to administer the basic battery and provide detailed consultations on starting homeschool, planning for high school and transcript preparation.  Victoria is also a popular speaker on a variety of homeschool topics.