The WJIV basic test is administered in less than two hours, offers immediate computer-generated results, and meets North Carolina’s standardized testing requirements. Scores are clustered into three basic areas: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Supplemental tests are available to further assess reading and writing, strengths and weaknesses, as well as academic knowledge in the areas of science, social studies and humanities.


WJ Basic Assessment
Includes test administration and 20 minute consultation. Nine subtests measure reading, writing and math achievement. Total appointment time is around 2 hours. This test satisfies the homeschool standardized testing requirement in NC.

WJ Basic Extended
Includes a longer 45 minute consult and is a good option for those needing to discuss their progress, curriculum or child’s needs in greater detail. Total appointment time is around 2.5 hours. This option is also good for children who need extended time for taking the test.

WJ Basic with Supplemental Assessments
In addition to the basic assessment, these packages include a selection of supplemental tests to answer specific questions about your child’s progress in one of the following areas. The package price includes the test administration and consultation up to a total appointment time of 3 hours.

Package #1 Academic
This option is specifically designed for middle and high school students to help parents determine if their student is developing the skills necessary for post-high school academic work. In addition to the BASIC test this package includes science, social studies, humanities, reading vocabulary, reading recall, editing, and number matrices.

Package #2 Comprehensive Reading
Developed for the student struggling with reading, this assessment evaluates skills in the areas of the five components of reading instruction to accurately determine the student’s reading level and help parents develop targeted teaching strategies.



Meets NC standards

Administered by a qualified, experienced consultant

Takes less than 2 hours

Interactive with no bubble sheets

Can be administered any month of the year

Nationally standardized



Accurate Grade Equivalencies

Useful in predicting student success on grade level material


Provides a thorough explanation of the scores

Includes observations and insights about student's work habits

Incorporates curriculum guidance upon request

Services are provided in a relaxed home environment.  Parents are welcome to wait or drop off and return at the completion of the testing session.