I began tutoring in 2005 because I was asked to, but continued because I find joy and contentment in using the gifts  that I believe God has given me to inspire and encourage students and moms. While navigating your child's education is a challenging call, the rewards are great. My goal is to support families in their educational journey whether through public, private or home schooling by providing one on one instruction for students as well as moms. I'm a hands-on learner, so it's only natural that I'm a hands-on teacher! Trained through the Augustine Literacy Project as well as Diane Craft's struggling learner resources, I share techniques for learning with students and techniques for teaching with homeschooling moms. 

Individual one hour sessions are provided in my home where parents can wait or drop off and return. Parents are welcome to join the sessions, if desired. I provide multi-sensory remedial intervention in spelling, reading, penmanship, and math for students in grades 1-8. I also provide support and accountability in implementing and continuing Brain Integration Therapy throughout your school year. For more information or to schedule a session please submit a request through the button above. 

$30 per one hour session